Elementary Truth

The elementary truth:
Boys are gross and girls have germs.
This is the lesson we have been taught
As children.
But as we aged
We began to
Experience the nature of taboo-
It is all a deceptive detour
That people never get tired of directing,
Or following...
As boys get older
They usually make the
Physical and emotional separation
While we females
Just can't help but smash them together,
Making them "one"-
One that they are not.
Amid this is a Die Weisse Rose
With a beautiful thorn-
Causing one to bleed pain and sorrow.
While leaving a feeling of sate and ecstasy.
It is a calamitous war,
But all for a great cause, it seems.
The female begins fighting herself
And sees the extremely realistic depiction of war.
Girls arrest themselves
In a mental concentration camp
During a vicious and relentless war,
And tearing of their hearts.
In their minds Hitler is still a alive and dangerous
Though her eyes see not, the monstrous creature.
She then becomes a narrator
Searching for truth,
Not knowing her own plot
Her story, her life,
Her path...
She wanders aimlessly in her camp,
Her head shaved of any pride
She once possessed,
Starving for a new found affection
A survival
A false love
A prickling rose.
And it is all because of the elementary truth:
Boys are gross.
She gave herself away to the truth
Only to learn that it was a lie.
Who knew that such a precious
Little lie could come to ruin a life.
She once clung to it
Like a baby to its momma's breast.
And even now when her heart heaves
She tries to convince herself
Boys are gross!
But see it doesn't work
Because she has come to see reality.
And in reality boys are what females crave.
They are what girls thirst for,
Lose themselves for....
And she has lost herself,
Her own voice.
She placed it in the care of
The voice of an imaginary teddy bear.
But see, if she only knew-
Teddy bears were never made to hurt,
They were made to cuddle and comfort.
So why does her mind envision this guy
As the teddy bear of her dreams
When of course we know
He is indeed not a teddy bear.
Oh, elementary truth...
You have twisted the hearts and minds
Of the females.
Oh elementary truth...


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