Eighteen Birthday Transformation

The days before my 18th birthday,

I dreamed about the person I would become

When I finally transformed into an Adult.


I would wake up each morning at seven-thirty,

Make my bed prim and straight

With no wrinkles or displaced pillows.

I would take a shower no longer than five minutes,

Dress myself elegantly in a silk blouse, khaki pant,

And maybe I’ll finally wear one of those pretty necklaces

That I keep receiving, but I never wear.

I’ll gracefully walk downstairs, and cook breakfast.

The kitchen filled with aromatic smells of bacon,

Eggs sizzling in the pan, toast leaping from the toaster.

I will eat and not to get a single speck of crumb on my shirt.

While I read a newspaper and complete a crossword puzzle.

And I will go to school, with all of my assignments done,

Driving the car myself, arriving about ten minutes early.

Because I will be an adult.


And then I awoke the very next day after my birthday,

Surely, my adultness had time to cultivate and blossom.

I woke up to my alarm at seven forty-five.

Only to hit snooze and roll back over till eight.

I did not make my bed, and when I finally stumbled

into the shower, I took eighteen minutes,

I dressed myself in a Pokemon t-shirt and pair of shorts.

And of course, I wore no jewelry besides the pair of earrings

Which are in my ears every second of my day.

While playing my new videogames on my 3DS,

I ate a slice of leftover cake with a glass of milk.

The taste of the chocolate still lingers in my mouth

And all over my shirt.

At least I had my assignments done,

But I completed all of them last minute.

And my mom drove me to school,

Because I’m still too much of a wus to get licenses.

We arrive five minutes early, and as I sprint to my class

I realize, that eighteen is still a teen.

And I’m still a teenager. 

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