To This Eid



Merry, merry This Eid comes
Will cure all evils day and night,
Men rejoice, delight, but mankind die!
Some men may die of over diet,
Some may die without food.
Some men are rich in heart while
Some are poor in thought.
The riches wear hubris clothes
The poor dont have even torn ones
Some clothes sleep at the door without bodies,
Some were bodies alive without clothes.
Some homes with colors, food and delicious,
Some people wander here and are homeless.
Some sleep on Golden-Beds;
Others couldn't sleep on Thorn-grass.
Some mourned at the death of their toddlers!
Others played trinkets.
Some fly with their tender wings,
Others eat dust and sick.
People pray for their lord
Others dance and astray.
Some celebrated this Eid,
Some dont even know this day.
Others counted days how to pass?

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