There comes a time

In life

When you realize that the world

Is not on your side.


That, no matter how you were raised,

No matter what you were told

As your parents kissed your

Forehead and rocked you to sleep,

It will never do what you wish it would.


What you think it should.


Sometimes it comes in the shape

Of loss.



Other times as a slap

To the face or a baptism in

Freezing water on a

Freezing day.


For me,

It was friendship.

Strained friendship that was made

Of broken eggshells.


And, damn, did walking on them hurt.


Every step I took

Painted the ground red and I

Soon retraced them,

For I realized

The pain I was feeling did not start

At my feet. It started

Behind my eyes as I cried.


I was tired.


Tired of the scolding that came along

With being different.


Tired of hearing that I deserved to be heard

And only being silenced.


Tired of living in a world

Where I wasn’t wanted.


Tired of eggshells.


So I wrote this poem.


Because I’m sick of tired.

Of being stepped on

And spit on

And turned on by friends I

Learned were capable

Of being not-so-friendly.


But while the world may

Be devoted

To keeping you down,

There must be a time

In life

When you realize the world








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