Egg Envy

Mon, 08/28/2017 - 19:46 -- Ineceia

Mama says I'm beautiful

But, the pod shows me some else

Yellow and small you see

A regular chick that's me

Why can't I be the ugly duckling


Why can't I have  a beak that peaks trough the wind

Why can't I have feathers that are dark and lovely

Why can't I be as big

Why can't be the ugly duckling


Them straight lines ain't for me

Sipping out the same pond ain't for me

Going right ain't for me

Mama got us on a leash

Go when she want

Do what she do

Turn our noses up when she says

Why can't I be the ugly duckling


Ain't nothng wrong with being different

In our world the lights don't shine on the regular

You'll see different is good

Oh how I wish I was the ugly duckling


Now duckling not so ugly no more

Feathers white as snow

Neck so long can reach the sun

Mama was wrong about you old friend

Can't you sprinkle some of your light on me for a chance


Dear old friend no need

Envy is also in me too

The light also shines on you

I wish I wasn't the ugly duckling


I'm a mama now,

strong and big that's me

My little chicks walk in a straight line

Feathers bright as they can be

They do as I do when I do

We don't turn our noses up

No ma'am, they say

They know beauty is sometimes hidden even when our eyes can't see

My friend the white swan taught me that

I'm happy.....I don't wanna be the ugy duckling no more



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Our world
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