Education, relevation

I am seven, in my room, dreaming once again

I'm a captain, I'm a knight, I know who I am

I can be just anyone, whenever I want

I'm a brave, ambitious dreamer

No one tells me "Don't"

Suddenly, I am eighteen,

And without a word

I wake up to look ahead

At the tough, real world

It's a sudden, brutal change

This daily routine

I am not a mighty hero

Just a confused teen

There is no story in bed

No playtime adventures

And into uncertain futures

Further down I venture

But while, once, all that's unknown

Seemed to be exciting

Now, with every passing day

It becomes more frightening

There is no end to the craving

For the fame and glory

But, I see, this is real life

Not a children's story

I cannot be who I want

Just snapping my fingers

I feel trapped and I feel sad

Over thoughts I linger

But it soon shakes my whole being

Like a revelation

To achieve something in life

There is education

I can be a mighty hero

This time, in real life

I could travel to new places

Cut fears like a knife

But, for that, I need to work,

With determination

No more carelessnes, no worries

Just trust education

Education was, for me, before I matured

A great burden, heavy nonesense

In no way a cure

But it's been a cure, a blessing

Ever since, one day

I woke up and realized

It is the only way

A rough path towards all my goals

That holds many troubles

Yet with every single step

Chances seem to double

That they will succeed in life

And be great, wise leaders

But they must put all their efforts

And be true believers

This I say having matured

Learned about the world

And I shall keep on my efforts

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