The Economics of Voting

Ignorance the vitrue of many to bandwagon,

To vote a cause without seeing the unseen consequence, 

Like among the many who run in debt with credit transaction,

The power is seen as the over-bearing opulence,

Little does anyone truly know how to solve the problem,

No one really gives a definite answer,

Our proposed candidates traverse the Bearing Straight in a hobble,

The bills we pass and candidates we elect really just bring cancer,

Politicians ramble and they rave resembling a pennieless alcoholic,

Promising to wall off the border and raise the minimum wage,

That will surely fix America and make everything bucolic,

When in reality you hurt foreign affairs and raise unemployment like the bubonic plague,

And we voters pass these ridiculous laws like imbecilic baboons,

If only we ever looked at the consequences of what the true outcomes can be; only once in a blue moon.

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Our world
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