Eatin Me

My eyes are hungry 

Desire is just one thing

Ona list that is endless

A misfit maybe that's it

A virus taunting me to slit

My own throat in order to quit 

Quitter hoping for admiration 

But to admire is the contrast of this generation

Cut a cord of love song

Start to ward off wrong 

That turned really long

Could I give this up to Him 

Instead of sticking up my own chin

The Battle waging war enemy being sin

Can I just loudly yell

 Don't you send em to hell

Some might say oh well 

I am so fine swell

What if to be real

Sign on to a seal 

In order to steal

Me back a meal

That is about nourishin

Instead of worrying

About being alone again

Please take this sin

Eatin Me To Death 



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