Eaten Alive

WHAT..and IF


Seperated...two words of seemingly insignificant consequence, yet together weigh the heaviest on my conscience, constantly coercing me till I am forced to acquiesce to my pain. 


Two words....Ostensible enough to blind reality leaving only deludedly dreadful scenarios of what may never come to be. 


Yet we believe a baby believes his nose is really gone, we lose our minds. 


WHAT IF I don't pass this class? WHAT IF I don't get into my dream school? WHAT IF I don't win this scholarship? WHAT IF all my years of effort goes to waste? WHAT IF I can't make my parents proud? WHAT IF I don't ever become successful? WHAT IF, WHAT IF, WHAT IF


Cogitation, contemplation...we house our dreams and ambitions, and leave them set in stone, yet what had been concrete one day, proved sand the next.


That's what they call, "Human nature".


Thinking, more thinking, and overthinking all these perplexed thoughts till those artificial ideas become SECOND NATURE

There it is again...nature.



We're led to believe that humans are beautiful...We're also led to believe nature is beautiful as well. So why is it that two beautiful things put together create something SO HIDEOUS, that with every crushing thought, all the beast comes from within us, and has NO mercy on our minds and emotions?


This is life. Everyone goes through it.


But WHAT IF I want to be different? WHAT IF I want to change my perspective on things? WHAT IF I want to be content with life and accomplishments? WHAT IF i want to take it easy? WHAT IF I want to be happy?


What would I change? I WILL change my outlook on life and its hurdles. I WILL change MY ATTITUDE. 


Bring it on, life. 



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