Eat Me

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 21:58 -- Inarke

How dare you stare down at me

Such cold hostilitity radiating from your soul

How dare you find the notion

That I am below the ground you tread


I will make you consume all that I stand for

This flesh and blood will fill you to the brim

My bones will make holes in your skin


My teeth will gnash on the way down 

As I rip out the surrender from your throat

Eat me, for I am white hot rage


Your ignorance is foul and bitter

You will rue the day the darkness sought me

For I will saturate your body with melancholy


I will make your hands pick me piece by piece

Seeing what you've done, seeing what you hate

I am the killer of your mind, body, and soul


You have the nerve to ignore me

To pretend I don't exist while I raid your thoughts

You have the audacity to hide me

As if my claws haven't raked across your skin


Eat me, for I am all that is your hate, and my gaze is yours before the mirror

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