earthquakes at rock bottom


I feel my pulse throb in my fingers,

Watch as the smoke dances between my swollen digits,

But my head is lost in a haze.

Take another hit, try to fly away,

To rest in the sky for a while,

Because time’s is hard,

In fact the only thing harder is rock bottom,

No wonder we’re all so hooked on getting high.

Rock bottom is good solid ground,

A good place to collect yourself if it weren’t for all the earthquakes.

It’s hard to steady yourself when no one’s there to help,

So maybe if we take another hit we can clear our heads.

Maybe you’ll realize I still need you,

And Maybe I’ll realize that I don’t.

Or when push comes to shove

We’ll sink another drink,

Let the slow burn melt away our problems,

Let the slow warmth cure the ache inside my bones.


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