The Early Morning Epiphany

Wake up

After a night of tossing and turning

My bright blue clock reads 6 in the morning

Two hours I slept

Stress? Kept

My room is a mess

Laundry on the floor and dresser

From athletic clothes to my blazer

Three tests today alone

It takes my all not to stay at home

Turn on the news with a warm dark brew

Wait? Since when did I drink coffee

I usually never do

But my nights have been rough

While classes have been demanding

Homeworks been tough

I look at my phone to see what's in my bank account

I’d have more dough if car bills didn’t take bread out

I have 30 mins before class, should I even shower?

No, not today, maybe if I had an extra hour

I used to be full of energy

Now napping is my power

How did I get so old

And become so cynical

I used to watch Jerry and Tom  

Now leisure time is minimal

Similarly, I wake at the break of dawn

Now I stay up late, later than mom.

Maybe a bedtime was in my best interest

I got to rest and I woke up feeling my best

Now I wake up with anxiety-induced cold sweats

My friends all drink spirits and smoke hemp to ease stress

It’s easier to procrastinate than stay in the desk

And that’s when I realized, I’m not old

I’ve grown up

Actin like an adult  

Working tireless hours towards a hopeful result

Making mistakes and taking the fault

So I smile and shower   

Quick and thorough of course

Cause class starts in 5

And I have to a punctual old sport


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