The Eagle's Talons

The Eagle's Talons


When I was but a boy

On that day in '41

I had never seen a bomb

Nor had I seen a gun.

Father paid for my freedom

And he'd never let it be

That I would ever witness

The Germans or Japanese.


But on that very day

As bombs rained from the heavens

A thousand lives extinguished

On December of the Seventh.

As the smoke rose in the sky

On the Land of the Free

America would pry

My life away from me.


First they took our home

And then they took our family

And then they took our freedom

That we fought for so desperately.

 Then they painted a prison

In the shades of of insanity

And they preached of their honor

As they stripped us of humanity.


They've sent us to this prison

As their smiles grow phonier.

Stomachs are always lonely

But our hearts are even lonelier.

Japanese American

That is what we tried to be.

But we've been outcast by America

We're an anomaly.





This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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