Eagle love

Everything is not Awesome

Everything is Awesome,

I got fired from work today

My dog’s puppies where born on this present-day,

I got yelled at by my predecessor

He loves me because he is my ancestor,

The leaves are decaying; there are dog droppings on the lawn

The trees are going to bloom anew and I saw a fawn on the lawn,

I read a sad book, City of Truth by James Morrow

Thank you James Morrow, you taught me not to sorrow,

Life has thrown its curve-balls

A batter can hit curve-balls  to a boy in a stall,

I’m scared what is life, what is living

Tell myself life IS living,

Two eagles on an unknowing fate spinning in a nose dive down

Two eagles on a love lock with only trust in each other, a love unbound,

So miniscule the inches before they meet the ground

Make a sound and miss the hard cracked, withered brown,

Life is treacherous like an eagle mating ritual

It’s packed with stunning and astonishing rituals,

Do not fret even when life not Awesome, feels so fearsome

Because always remember life is and always will be Awesome.

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My family
Our world
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