Each Others Worlds

My knight in shiny armor

Is but a mere common man

Who I learned to intensely adore

By taking me to worlds no one else can


He entered my Spanish world

Opened up a new book of knowledge

Like every man should

He vowed a gentleman pledge


He’s my sun and moonlight

He’s my energy and rest

I don’t need the hours of the night

No need to put his love to the test


His poetry expands my imagination

There’s a new flower of love that bloomed

The earth’s dome is our means of transportation

From city to city the stars brings our souls home


Looking at the stars at the same time

Distance away but we share the night

My hands caress his hair with his closed eyes

And my words are whispers through the wind


He can find me in nature

In each story he reads

In every song he hears

Through love I can walk in his dreams


Distant but close

Actions formed through words

It’s him I choose

We are now each other’s worlds


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