To each his own

Tue, 11/17/2015 - 23:54 -- Vous

Sea of greed, sea of truth

My vision, the naked vision of old and new

For which the present mocks the past and jeers at the future

Ah, America, what is your vision

What do you see behind the looking glass?

For only those who have been ignorant understand its overwhelming price

For the world is a casket on display

The mourners have already arrived, for the past, present, and future


Let us be true, than, to are selves

For knowledge is power

And power is anger

And anger is hate

And hate is pain

And pain makes the world grow up


However, they cry, ignorance is bliss

And bliss is pain

Too one's self, in the worst fashion

The world will not walk

It will not talk

It will not think for itself

Though bliss, though ignorance


As morals high and virtue low

To much ignorance they will cry

To much knowledge!

And the world will once again cease

The dead will jump out of the casket

The past knowing more than the future

The never ending book, no one will read


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My country
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