Dying Twice

Let's count the ways I died today.
I hope it's entertaining.
To any sad and angry souls.
Who happen to be reading.
Number one
I died,
When you bought a Valentine.
Last Friday it was meant for me,
But lot's can change in a few hours time.
You bought it cos he's sharp
And he's got lots of sex appeal.
I suppose I should have figured
But I thought that things were real.
Number two.
I'm walking
Down the hall
From behind the corner
Where I've known
My death was going on.
And I know damn well you saw me walking by
But you turned your head away.
So sorry if it hurts to see me
Since you abandoned me

And I'm sure it'll all seem trivial
I'm sure I'll look back and laugh.
But scars will last and marr the mind
The pain is always real.
I know that pain has been before
The pain was real you knew.
But that was back and back before
There was any talk of love
And any talk of life
And any talk of closeness
And any searing knife
Back before any physical thing
Besides awkward patting hugs
Back before the straightened teeth
Back before the drugs.
Back before the lonely nights
Where we spoke of keeping each other sane
Back before we grew so close
Back when dating was a game.
Although maybe it still is, after all...

And I know I hurt you then
And that's why in loving now.
I told you several months ago
A promise that you know
I said I'd never hurt you
And I plan to keep that true.


Coco The Ripper




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