A Dying Chance

Dear love of my life,

The monotonous hum of nothing

is my constant companion.

The wasted words of a lifetime

are forgotten in a moment.

Every over-worn and useless thought,

races through my mind.

My life is worth nothing to me now.

I lived for you.

Now that you are gone,

I live through the comfort of your memory.

As time has passed,

I have changed with it.

My wrinkled eyes and slow mind

insult the person I used to be.

My weak legs and shaky grasp

threaten my position on this earth.

But though everything has changed,

and nothing is the same,

my love remains.

And so I welcome death.

Whatever comes after that dark veil,

I wait for it.

Even if nothing is waiting where I go,

I know that you have been there.

And the one chance I have of being with you again,

gives me courage.


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