Long, straight, brown,

Ordinary hair.

She's plain, quiet, shy

She needs a change

Alone in a room

With a bottle of deep red dye

A burgundy like wine

Snip! Snick!

Layers caress her head now


Not good enough.

Another bottle of dark liquid

The color of a midnight sky

Transforms innocent girl into dark angel

Snip! Snick!

Scissors run viciously through dark locks;

A pixie cap of nighttime hair remains.

Her emotions a calmly raging sea inside.

Loss of hair, loss of love.

As time ticks on, her loss dwindles

As hair grows back, she begins to feel restless.

Will she cut it again?

She doesn't know.

A brighter, happier color this time;

A golden color with strawberry tints,

Her hair a gold halo around her face.

With her loss nearly gone

A cinderblock weight is lifted.


Color washes out

Undecorated, pure brown is back.

Not plain, not ordinary

Simple, sweet

And just what she needed to be


She's extraordinary, bold, and brave

She doesn't need to change.


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