Dwarf Sitter


United States
47° 20' 22.11" N, 122° 16' 0.3576" W

Heading home for lunch is
the only highlight I have and
it’s too long for my liking.

They call me Grumpy;
my six brothers know better than to bug me.
I ignore them and worry about my own business.

The sudden scent of fresh stew fills my nostrils.
Snows’ cooking is superb but I think
I can still live without it.

Since she's arrived, things have been decent.
A clean bathroom, check.
A clean kitchen, check.
A clean bedroom, check.
"Welcome back boys!" she's too happy.
Her fair skin glows in the sunlight
and plump lips; so intriguing yet too appealing.

I sit down avoiding her and
grumble from a burnt tongue.
"You're so silly!" She puts her hand on my shoulder.

Yeah...she wants me.
I shake her hand off me
with an obvious smirk.

Dopey pulls at her dress,
making the others jealous.
"Alrighty, let's head out," Doc, the wannabe leader, hollers.

"High ho, high ho,
it's off to work we go..."
and we whistle away.

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