The Dwarf Brothers

Mon, 06/26/2017 - 05:50 -- dballam

Once upon a time,
there lived three dwarf brothers
who lived in a city surrounded by a great stone wall
they lived in safety, happy and carefree
until they met an elf who had a great fall

It was to be just another job
just investigate a rumor about an elf
but the stupid elf was to skittish to just wait and stand
and instead he ran and clambered up a section of the wall
but with a spell divine of command
the knight forced the elf to seize and fall

In the home of the second brother
the elf was met with cruelty and had no reason to be merry
but in the end the brothers decided the fault lay with another
and dragged the elf along to the cemetery

The third brother did not arrive to aid them until after this trial
by the dwarves were forced to leave their homes
for they bared a cursed mark from their ordeal
but they would make their way, or they were no better than cowardly gnomes

Through trials and misadventures
committing small crimes and misdemeanors
finding and losing both friends and foes
and fighting both without woes
the brothers came to their final challenge

a small group of bumbling idiots could never have made it this far
or at least the villain had thought
but even for a wizard with more power than a star
his efforts would be for naught

because when the brothers three set out on a quest
no matter how hard the path
the brothers bumble their way past the best
and having lost so much
were ready to unleash their wrath.

And so the brothers had defeated a great evil
but they never fully comprehended it
for they had burned all the records down with the wizard's tower
they then went their separate ways, one a knight, one a brute, and one a devil

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