Drowning in Color

In a pocket of city commotion,

A paradoxical chasm

An alley people embrace

Rather than avoid.


Willingly, I am submerged,

Under the spectrum of

Whizzing and whirling string lights,

Drowning the darkness in a neon explosion.


Strung from the peaks of roofs,

Illumination bounces,

From brick to brick,

A back and forth of prismatic color.


Emphasizing the joyous walls,

Rough brick painted over,

Carrying stories of love and electricity,

And uncontrolled laughter.


Fallen stars dance across,

Spinning and tumbling down,

Graceful and Fiery,

Resembling fallen angels.


Biomes of sunlight swirl

Sprinkling euphoric bubbles,

And universal tears,

over crimon mountains.


Silliness emerges with a coral fish,

Waiting in crisp ripples,

Of an acrylic pond,

To kiss and swallow passerbys.


A crazed, puffy eyed toaster,

Shines an unsettling smile,

While being ridden,

By a cheery, bland toast companion.


These electric, diverse beauties,

Draped in color,

Viewed by electric, diverse people,

As a reminder to embrace unique.


This poem is about: 
My community


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