You buried me,

With your sand,

So my words only hit,

The walls of my mind.


My screaming only reached,

The rocks that layered me,

And life only seemed to be,

A casket of never ending darkness.


You were a boat,

That kept me swept under,

The current that tangled me.


As if I was Ariel,

Trying to reach her prince from above,

But instead,

You were tying my fins to rock bottom.


You tied me to the end,

Of your boat,

To string me along,

But to make sure,

I hit the rocks along the way.


My heart was crushed.

My soul sank to the depths of unknown.

My eyes never wanted to open,

To see the next light of day.


I always thought I meant,

Everything to you,

Like you did to me.


But it was like,

I was blind,

To your moves,

And I was blending into your lies.


Turns out to be I was only,

Just your toy.

Teaching me the wrong ways

To love,

To care,

To hope.


So after four long years,

I have to start new.

To start a new swim pattern,

With these new fins,

That I don't quite remember,

What it was like in these waters,

Without you.


You were my base.

You were part of my home.

You were my love.



But as the sun,

Crosses that horizon,

Ever so slowly,

Without your title,

Attached to mine,

New wind brings forth,

A new complex direction.


All that is left for me to rid,

Is the sands of heart break.


I feel as if my soul is reborn,

And I have to learn everything new,

Once again.


Instead of drowning in your depths,

I realize some days,

I can actually fly.


On other days,

I fall back into the water,

And relive your hurricanes,

Where my body is wreaked havoc upon,

Of heart break from the beginning.


I will admit you built me,

But you ruined me.

I will admit I ask myself often,

Why I wasn't good enough,

But the answer is,

You aren't good enough for me.


The tears that fall down my face,

Are only emotions of missing memories,

And what we could have been.

Not what you have become,

And what you've done to me.


The water is now shallow,

But some days I still seem to drown,

And others I spread my wings,

To see what the Earth has to offer,


Beyond your seas.


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