Driving The Girl


Three in a row, I just gotta fold

We can create our own sound, girl

 All your signs were so subtle 

Your voice is so rich

You are more than I thought of

You're one taste I can't get rid of

We use to be one in the same until we split 
I didn't know where it went 
But I didn't care to think of it
was stuck in the now
Cause the future wasn't the big thing 
But now I'm in the time ahead 
Cause I lost you in the past tense 
You took a flight out of town and I don't when you come back in
When that is or who it's with 
Hoping there's not a new one in your heart, swinging
While I just been here chilling and swigging
didn't think we were getting too deep
But I didn't hit the pitch fast enough 
And the shit they we're talking became too true
I thought we had the time but it is quicker than I thought it is and I just lost a fortune 


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