The Driving Force


11 Brookside Road Netcong, NJ
United States
42° 0' 43.0956" N, 104° 57' 46.134" W

I am Joseph Conciatori/but I'm not your average Joe/I'm more than that, an intellectually gifted and highly talented young man/with a proverbial truckload of ambition/I aspire to graduate at the top of my class/with that marketing degree I'm trying desperately to pursue/Once I get myself out there into that great world/The one crafted by the master above all Masters/I will receive an offer I cannot refuse/I wouldn't refuse an offer to work in NASCAR/the driving force behind the greatest drivers in the world/regardless of which Fortune 1000 company recognizes my potential/I will be living a dream that I have had since 2004/When I first saw Dale Earnhardt, Jr. take his Daytona 500 win/If I can work for Earnhardt/the son of the man called the "Intimidator"/a third generation star in a sport defined by family ties/I will be over the moon in ecstasy/Overjoyed enough to forget that my job is harder than it appears/More difficult than anyone would believe/If I got that NASCAR job/behind the scenes in the fastest sport in America/I would be truly satisfied


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