Dreams Of Tomorrow


Dreams Of Tomorrow

I have a dream, do you?

No matter the hardship I still have a dream

I have a dream of white and blacks holding hands together, do you?

I don’t see segregation arguing, I see unison chatting

I heard the children reaching for the rainbows

I saw the past running to get there

I saw brotherhood like the universe

I see my pain written in the sand, but my love carved onto a rock

No, my right is not a wrongful deed it’s a law written in the book of law

I don’t see tension, I see justice

I don’t see despair I see hope

I saw a light shining on the dark, it was love sending out hate

I didn’t see a highway in my dream I saw a trail to the stars

I didn’t see freedom given for free I saw freedom being beseeched for

I tried reaching for a hill I ended up on a mountain

This is my dream


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