Once upon a time, you were my Prince Charming.


You made me fall in love with you, that magical night.

You captivated me.

You made me believe that I needed you.

That you needed me.


You put thoughts into my head;

Hope, Love, Promise.

You told me everthing I wanted to hear.

And then, willingly, I walked into my Happily Ever After.


Or so I had hoped.


Now, not a day goes by without a bottle in your hand.

A slap across my face.

An insult in my ear.

A bruise around my wrist.

A hole in my heart.


Prince Charming, you killed me.


But I still love you.

I can't leave you. I could never leave you.

I love your thoughts, your mind, your body, your spirit;

It almost makes it worth the rest.

You gave me a drive once, a purpose.

A reason to live.

You, the noble prince,

That ripped my heart from my chest,

And manipulated it under your control.


The only thing I have left from you, the true you,

Are tiny remnants of the good times we had shared.

I cling onto those times as if they are my lifeline,

Because they are.


I smile most when I think of them.

I crave those times.

I rely on those times.

I dream of them in my head, every single night.


I dream that you would hold me again

I dream that you would kiss me again.

I dream that you would value me again.

In my dreams I am happy.

In my dreams I am reminded that you loved me, Prince,

Once upon a time.


No matter how many times you hurt me,

No matter how much you drink,

I will stay.

Because maybe if I just keep believing in you,

Having faith in you,

someday my dream will come true.


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