Dreaming Of One Day


What is in a smile? 








I want to give everybody the chanse to feel in an otherwise numbimg world, to make them cry, laugh, hope, hate, love. All fome a stage.

Ever the preformer, the dreamer of impossible dreams, the wisher of far flung wishes, allways looking for the bright side. 

To tell a story, grant a wish, and to take the audince to a different time or place. All of this by hard work, fantastic feets of bravery, and the bravery to face your flaws.

and after the curtian when you are taking your bow hearing the applause seeing the smileing faces hearing the lives you have touched that is magical. 

Freedom is when you step on stage as another person. Freedom is when you step on stage trying to become another life. Freedom is the adrenalin rush you get from taking your place at the begginning of the show. 

I am dreaming of one day being the girl onstage that inspires the 5 year to dedicate her life to the persuit of making others happy. 


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