dreaming of decay

the feeling of a dream being broken

realizing that the wildest and fondest conjurings of your brain

will never come to fruition 


being trapped in a well 

as buckets and buckets of cold water are poured over you

and there is no way out

so you let the water pile up until you are submerged

the first lungful of water 

final submission


a children's game of tug of war

both sides pulling with all their might

the other side pulls harder

your hands start to burn 

your friends tilt forward

keep on pulling, you can do it

bloody hands

collectively decide to let go

as you all fall in the mud while the others cheer in victory


all your life

you dream of something

you build a castle of things you love

things you are good at

things you have learned


you will rule that kingdom


but then

before Someday comes

your castle betrays you

bricks decay

the moat dries

ceilings fall in 

you have to leave


as you run away from this decaying edifice

you look back

and remember the time you spent

carefully laying each brick

the glue between each layer was faith in yourself

hope for what is to come

belief that it will end up oky

but it doesn't

castles fall

and so will you someday


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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