Images of pictures and colours and swirls

Infiltrate my dreams

and my heart soars with these images

of pain and of lust

sometimes in a state of panic

and with others I smile

these dreams: your touch,

a sin I’m not privy to

rolling around with the purples and the blues

remembering moments

well, they’ve long since expired

they conquer my mind

and there go the drums

of my heart

it goes thumpthumpthumpthump

as you spin your web of dreams around mine

then suddenly I’m awake

and the waves come a-crashing

the salt just flirting around my lips

but my heart slows back down

and I wonder why the pain won’t just leave me

then they come rushing

and they jump into my mind

the red balloon

and the black dress

the hair straightener

the bracelet and flowers

memories once filled with comfort and warmth

now bring loneliness, desire

the grey t-shirt

the black sweatshirt

the smile

and those beautiful, blue eyes


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