A dreamer with no dream.


A dreamer with no dream

"reach for the stars"

what if you have no star?

no latitude or longitude to shoot for


head in hand I think

I think of twenty-fifteen, 

I think of twenty-thirty,

I see nothing. 

I want! I want... 

what do I want?

what do you do

when your hardworking, driven, 

ready to pour out your soul

but have bowl.

NO aspirations.

NO "teacher"

NO "doctor"

NO "NFL player"

a dreamer with no dream.


I sit on the generic path of life.

I sit. I sit... I sit and wait

sit and wait, dodging bullets of "what do you wanna do?

who do you wanna be? when? how? why?

the constant beating leaving no time for me to hit my own drum.

a dreamer with no dream.


knowing less about myself then the surface of the moon. 

sitting in the base of a tornado

while air whips my cheek

with the sting of indecision.

a dreamer with no dream.


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