I am always in the room with you. 

Regard the mirror angled on the shelf for you to look in and see me.

I write words on the mirror-

you will see them if you know me and I know you.


In a river carrying storm waters

I'm floating on the inner tube just in front of you-

your goddess, your best friend, your best inner self,

whose face you will never see.


The river floods,

thick with mud and uprooted trees.

Where should we take to the shore? 

Who are WE?


THEY are the Lion, the Bear, and the Sunset

on the road in front of you. 

You are afraid to pass,

even though they are us and we are you 

in every way.


Suddenly, there is the majestic Queen Latifa, 

Stranger Than Fiction,

standing on a stony shore across the river Colorado.


Next to her stands Susan Sarandon, one arm akimbo, 

a dark sensual curve silhouettes her-

black silk cascades into the cold flow of the Colorado.

A red canoe magically wavers in the river in between. 


They are more than acting. 

They are telling without saying.

I am knowing without being told,

"You are complete."


The red canoe is with you, 

The Queen says without saying.

I speak for the Universe, she says -

says with eyes,

with the jut of her chin,

with the tilt of her head,

she gives me her knowing.


Ahead in the distance, the goddess is calling,

Sail to me. 

Sing for me on my shore.

Paddle your little red heart out for me,

and never stop trying to see 

the face of the goddess in front of you. 


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