Dream Girl

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 23:56 -- nit777

I don't know what's happening to me

wherever I go, it's you all I see.

When you come closer to me,

my heart starts beatings faster.


If I could I would make you mine.

Oh girl, oh girl, you are so fine.

I'll put your life before mine. 

Just allow me to be with you forever.


People say, it's hard to find true love 

I am blessed to have you in my world.

I dont belive that true love doesnt exist anymore

You're  and mine will be the best love story

that the world would see ,I am sure.

Let me hold your hand and I promise to leave you never.


You can trust on me , I am here to stay

I'll never ever bring tears in your eyes.

And if i did,

then that would be the last day of my life.

Promise me too, 

that you will love me the same way like I do you.

So, lets start our new life  right now and right here.



Guide that inspired this poem: 



The favourtie part of the poem for me is the 'Feeling' with which I had wriiten this poem.

While I was writing this poem I felt the same felling  that my friend has felt

when he saw his dream girl right in front of his eyes.

And I thank my friend who has shared his experience of  how he felt in love at first sight.

And  inspired me to write this beautiful  poem 'Dream Girl'.


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