A Dream

She had everything. 

Never having to to think

because her actions were bought.

but the only thing she ever wanted, 

was the thing she never got. 

How she begged and fought,

countless hours lost in thought 

of plotting and scheming, 

caught up in the dreaming. 

It was the only thing on her mind, 

she lost all concepts of space and time. 

And then started the hallucinating, 

slowly becoming crazy and jaded. 

Then she lost it all, 

but never screamed

because she had all she needed; a dream. 

and what a wonderful dream it was, 

how happy she seemed. 

Even when they locked her away, 

she continued to dream. 

And that dream became a must, 

poisoning her mind and everything it touched. 

Eventually she ceased to exist 

and then she tried to fix it, 

correct her mistake, 

but it was already to late, 

no delaying her fate, 

and she stood at the gate, 

but her weight brought her down, 

and she deflates as she disappeared into the ground. 

Not a sound to be heard. 

not a cry or a word, 

not a thing to be seen, 

except for her dream. 


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