Downhill Drag

It's as though it was just yesterday.

My life seemed to fall downhill.

Entering highschool things were great.

Until the first injury,

then the surgery,

followed by the loss of friends.

A pattern that would continue, 

the first three years of highschool.

From hospital bills I learned a lot about money,

and how not having enough destroyed my mother. 

From broken friendships I learned a lot about myself, 

and that I am all that I can count on and must BE STRONG ALWAYS. 

From injuries and surgeries I learned that I needed to slow down,

give myself a chance to enjoy adulthood and realize sports were just for now, 

my body howver, is for forever. 

But, from it all, I learned that you get second chances. 

You chose the wrong friends, but can choose differently next time. 

You get hurt, but you have to get up and get back at it, and never settle. 

You fall in the gutter, but if you get creative enough and really try, 

there is always a way out. 

Life and growing up isn't about struggling and failing.

No, it's about learning from your struggles and failures,

using them to grow,

and most importantly, to come out a better person for it.

Growing up seems tough and can hit you like a truck.

But as long as you don't let it drag you downhill, 

you'll make it through, new and improved.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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