A Door Opened To Poetry

Thu, 07/07/2016 - 12:11 -- MASSFan

Despair and loss came one day.

I never saw the world seem so gray.

I didn't know what else to say.

Life seemed so hopeless to my dismay.


I found a door one day by me.

A door of hope and mystery.

One that only I could see.

It was a door to poetry.


The door stood tall and ever grand.

I walked over to take a stand.

I took the knob right in my hand.

I opened up to this magical land.


The land I saw was far and wide.

I saw all these words come by my side.

And all my thoughts I could not hide

For I no longer needed to confide.


Next to me was paper and pen.

I sat down at this little den.

I started to write with the utmost ken.

Of hope, sadness, and emotional men.


I never thought life could seem so great.

That I could express myself and lift this weight.

I was handed this amazing silver plate.

Of which I could write my current state.


I found this land that came to me.

A land that filled me with wonder and fantasy.

A land that made me feel so free.

I found this land of poetry.



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