Dont(leave part2)

Wait a minute....

Dont leave me here, alone in this place

Don't leave me lost and confused...

Don't make me admit this feeling,

I just want you near me


right there...

I want you close to me right now

when i need you the most

you the one that understands me

accepts me,

appreciates me,

care for me,

and love me the most.

you are like the peice of me i felt

was missing all this time....

like the hole in an empty heart

or the peice of yin missing from yang

you left my mind all this time but never my heart

although we stopped exchanging words....

I have always felt something,


i could never figure out what it was

I feel...Amazing with you

free to enjoy life

and for the most part....


sooo make my day and say you will stay with me....

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