Don't Trust a Creative Type

Fri, 11/13/2015 - 00:18 -- yazifat

Don't trust a creative type
Don't trust a musician
He'll create melodies like the ones you heard as a child
You'll dance to every chord so blissfully
The tempo starting slow then soon racing like your heart
And right before the song comes to an end he'll play you
Like a chord
Like every other instrument
And he'll do it with such grace

Don't trust the writer
He'll tell stories and each one will entrance you
Chapter by chapter
His lips touch you so sweetly like the poetry he leaves on your desk
He'll pull you in closer
Every word like a whisper in your ear
Until he finally whispers he doesn't love you

Don't trust the artist
He'll paint you in ways you've never seen yourself
His hands will sculpt your body over and over
Because oh God do they find it familiar
But you are just one in a number of concentrations
And every artist gets tired of his work
And you become just another crumpled sketch

Don't Trust a Creative Type
Because they are so full of passion but lack dedication
And they will love you all at once
And then suddenly not at all
Like a muse who just wasn't amusing enough
And they are put in this world to set a spark in the hearts of others
But no fire can stay lit

This poem is about: 
Our world



I absolutley love this!


love your metaphors and the emotions behind this poem are what make it great. We've all known our fair shair of jerks and players. As a creative type yourself I hope you don't judge us all that harshly. Remember as bleak as it seems sometimes there will always be better ones out there, or better gallons of icecream to drown your disappointment in...

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