Don't Touch Me

don’t look at me like that 

as if you felt what i felt 

don’t try to empathize 

to make yourself feel better

and then ignore me when i’m falling apart  


don’t come near

or look into my eyes 

and pretend you see the moon and the stars 

when you’re too blind to see the darkness behind them 

and too naive to seek beyond  


don’t step closer 

and pretend to touch my heart 

as if you weren’t looking to feel my stomach 

from the very start


don’t pretend you can’t hear 

my screams and cries

i told you don’t touch me 

but you were deaf to the ear 


i can see behind your cries 

don’t make me apologize so soon 

for you know what you did 

and i can see your fear 


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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