Don't Romanticize Depression

Don't romanticize depression

It is not

Endess sleep

A bottomless well

Of tears

It is exaustion

Eating at the backs

Of my eyelids

At 3 in the morning

Unable to shut off

My brain

It is painfully

Dry eyes that

Cannot cry because

You don't care enough

It is persistent

Loneliness -- 

Wanting to be

Around people

But knowing that

People are better off

Without you

It is everyone asking

"What's wrong?"

In the beginning


Their slow realization

That you're beyond


One by one


Leaves you

Because there is nothing

They can do

It is knowing

That you should do things:

Fold your clothes

Do you homework

Call your mother

Do your job

Wash the dishes

Give a fuck

But being unable

To make yourself

Do anything

Despite knowing the


It is guilt

For laughing, smiling

It is an inability

To care about yourself

Eating, showering

All become low priority

It is not simply


It is an underground cave

A complete and utter

Lack of light

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