Don't Quit


feeling so small when you look at the sky

closing your eyes

wishing you could fly

just one person in the world

what difference could you make?

what's the point of living in sorrow

no telling what struggles brings tomorrow

so you bat your lashes once more

saying, "I'm just one person that no one will miss, the earth will keep spinning if I move on today"

you have no fear

you hear no sound

the only thought in your mind is that it's your turn to fly.


Don't be that 2 million plus one

Because one can make 2 million times the difference to another one

If no one else than me

I've been there,done that, did that, felt that

I listen

I understand

I will help

But please, don't stop your world from spinning, because the moment you do, you make mine stop going round, too.

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