Don't Leave

Too many people say,
Three words; I love you,
And not knowing what that means,
I know I've felt that too.
But when it came to you,
That spark came and went,
Confusion jumped overboard,
But never did I quit.
I don't know if I need you,
Or if I really want us,
But I definitely know one thing,
I want you on my future bus.
My heart is squeezing hard,
My eyes are really red,
My breaths are super shallow,
Please, take back what you said.
I've been though a lot,
And I know you have too,
But let's put that aside,
Because I know we'll get through.
But now it's all up to you,
And I beg with tears that are dry,
Baby, please don't leave me,
I'm not ready to cry.
You gave me back my life,
Brought the real me back out,
Don't leave me right now,
Don't whisper, don't shout.
Love, my dear love,
It's too early to give up,
You leaving me is going to hurt,
Leaving tears to fill up a cup.
Just please, tell me one thing,
Is it all too much?
Because I promise, I swear,
I, us, we can work on such.

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