Don't Judge

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 11:30 -- Lewy9

Don’t judge a girl by her cover.
Every move she makes
And each word she says
May be the product of a
Stint of thought,
Duly considered before
Made or said.
Don’t judge her cover,
For upon a closer look, her story may be a
Thousand pages long and
Weigh heavily upon her soul.
(Some tales may be novellas, it’s true,
Or magazines, pulp fiction, graphic novels-
Still, look for the subtext in her prose,
And read between the lines.)
It may be in an alien print
Of a world you never imagined,
Filled with pages of cryptic code.
It may be a mystery
Whose answer she may be reluctant to yield,
But with time you may learn her language
And translate each thought
As you tumble into the story,
On the edge of your seat and strongly
Gripped the whole way through.
Don’t judge her by her cover-
Or at all-
Until you have at long last
Read every inken word
And tasted them on your tongue
And seen them in her eyes
And felt them in her touch.
Only then are you allowed to


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