Don't I Hurt

You use me whenever you want.

You think I was created to satisfy your needs.

Don't you know I bleed?

Don't you know I hurt?

Can't you let me be?

To you I'm only less than.

I know.

You know.

Go and take advantage of me.

Let me be your test subject.

Experiment, tourture, and abuse me.

Use me to your advantage.

It's what your best at.

I long for a world where I can be free.

Where I can be me.

I may be an animal

But do you have to treat me so cruely?

Don't you know I bleed?

You want love.

So what about me?

Can't you hurt?

I do to.

Take a moment and think.

Can I feel pain?

I do.

Don't I hurt?




This poem is about: 
Our world


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