Don't be so rude

Thu, 04/16/2020 - 21:58 -- Elax

NOTE: It's a vent poem, please be respectful


Everyone makes mistakes.
But it's too much.
Everyone can make mistakes all the time, all the world
But that's too much.


Don't, be so rude~
I know, I'm the only little child in the family
And i'm not strong as like you.
That's what is make me different.
You said "Mama why doesn't she tell me anything?"
Mama said;
"he seemed like almost cry while he saying this"
You always say you'll get what I want
But when you come home, you say," I'll get what you want tomorrow."
Cuz your work has to come before what the your "most precious" wants
Cuz i'm the little kid.
You said," it didn't help to say things that would support you."
Well, do you think saying to me, "you can't, you won't" will help?
You are just getting me worst.
Mam, Are you sure you are not regret?
You get married with a man who don't love you.
He made you work when you were pregnant,
He beat your child and he swore at you,
And you are said i'm lucky
Because you think physical violence is worse than psychological violence.
When I cried you didn't believe me cry, You think i'm a liar
You've been a prop for 4 days when my brother cried
When i get angry, You didn't let me speak.
You think i'm spoiled because you doing everything I want all the time.
Tonight, i get angry, you just said "don't bother others"

Be so mad

Mam, If you don't want me, it's okay
I'll promise you i'll be fine
You are trying to make me love dad because of he is doing everything for me
But I can't love people whose personality is not good.


You told me that when you told me that someone cared about me, it was only natural that I didn't believe it,
And that it would go on like this for the rest of my life.

When I told you I wanted to go to a psychotherapist, you kept saying it wasn't necessary
Until I forget what I have to say.


Be so rude

I'm just a child
And i'm not so strong as like you
i can think suicidal thoughts until the morning, i can get anxiety

This poem is about: 
My family


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