Don’t Abort Me


I’m 991 weeks

And I’m taking a few peeks

Of this outstanding place

To observe this amazing race


But I don’t see

Enough career opportunities

Or a fair chance to rise,

To throw life’s dice


I hear the making of a casket

And see the digging of a pit

What I’m learning

Is the future to my story


There is a man named Mr. Dow Jones

Who has pockets filled with stones

Who is drowning in the sea of currency

Like all those who were accused of sorcery


I hear of a Mr. Banks

Who banks on bailouts

And Ms. Corporate Interests

Who yokes many with student loan interests


In this womb of childhood

Where I am becoming skilled

I’m developing my intellect

I ask you to think and reflect


Mother Wisdom and Father College

Don’t Abort Me!


This American idealistic land

Of opportunity has branded me band

From a higher level of education

Gone are the days of segregation


Open the door to career readiness

Stop all this downsizing

Give bailouts for the ninety-nine percent

Who pay their taxes and fund the government


Help all those who have debt

Bring justice to Mr. Banks

And Ms. Corporate Interests


Enforce upon the rich a higher taxation

For they too are part of this great nation


Mother Wisdom and Father College

Don’t Abort Me!

Don’t Abort My Generation!


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