Dom's Poem

When I first met you, I thought you were pretty handsome
Then we started messaging all random.
Never have I thought a person could mean so much to me,
I probably looked thirsty for attention.
I think I fell too hard for you,
I didn’t really know what else to do.
I fell in  love with a person I’m not able to see face-to-face,
But the feelings I have for you can’t be erased.
I don’t know what it is about you that just gets me,
For once I felt like somebody’s heard my plea.
I’m not sure if you’ll ever feel the same,
But my feelings are sometimes hard to tame.
I’m pretty much crazy about you,
Now, I think of you whenever I get bleu.
Talking to you is the best privilege I’ve ever gotten & I’m really thankful for that,
Everything I’m saying is clear-cut.
Sometimes I don’t even know what to say but one things for sure,
You are  the highlight of my day.


Now that I’ve seen your true colors,
I know we can never be lovers.
I never thought that everything I did for you would go to waste so quickly,
It feels so deceiving.
You made it clear that you’ll never be mines,
I swear love is so blind.
I didn’t think you would just leave me like that,
Now my cage to my heart is shut.
I opened up to you and I thought it was a good thing,
I could have treated you like a king.

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You just left like I was nothing,
You made me feel like I was actually something.
I felt so stupid and heart broken,
I was so high off all the love I took in.
I was so blind to realize you were no good for me,
Like Adam and Eve, you made me eat the fruit from the tree.
You made me think I would be satisfied,
Now my tears are dried from all the tears I’ve cried.
I realized that all I have is music to comfort my sorrows,
Now give me all my affection you’ve borrowed.
Maybe you found someone better,
Tell me what you did to get her.
All I ever wanted was someone to call all mine,
Something  just as fine as wine.
I guess I’m better off alone,
Maybe I’ll do better on my own.
On day I’ll find the right one,
That will be thankful for all I’ve done.
You can never fully trust anyone,
There are some thing’s that can’t be undone.
I’m done wasting my time,
I want something that will last a lifetime.
I told you I would write a poem for you,
I feel like this is long overdue.
I hope the next girl doesn’t fall for the games you play,
Now I have nothing else felt to say.

©2017 Isabell Rivera


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