A Dog's Silent Prayer


Abandonment, neglecting, abuse, and torture.

Did I truly deserve these cruelties?

But I cannot speak and fight for myself.

I can bark, bite, kick, or scratch

But from there it only gets worse.

The bruises, they haunt me and tell me I’m wrong.

The hunger, it pains me and threats to kill.

Will I ever see a loving hand?

Has anyone ever said it was okay?

No. it will always be that way.


But I can’t fight back, that would only be mean,

They would beat me and torture, so much I could scream.

So I simply stare up with those sad puppy dog eyes

I show only my fear but swallow my pride.

They have made me become some wretched beast;

Form the fur matted with blood to the sadly bruised face.


I’m just a helpless, poor creature, and there’s nothing I can do,

But if you are willing, there is something for you.

You can tell them they’re wrong and make them stay away.

They can no longer kick me or starve me today.

I am truly still the lovable dog they once knew.

So help me please, now and I will love you.


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