A Dog's Point of View


Pea Ridge
466 East Watie St.
United States
36° 27' 2.9772" N, 94° 6' 42.228" W

I don't know what I did.

Don't you know there are laws that forbid.

You leave me bloody scars on my face and pull on my fur.

How many more times will this occur?


When I try biting you to make you stop, you just hit me harder and harder.

I can slowly feel my body dying as the days get darker and darker.

Why do you beat me?

Is it because everybody wants to be carefree?

Why am I chained tight to a tree?

Is it because I had too many fleas?


I limp to my empty food bowls everyday,

but every time you notice you turn in dismay.

What did I ever do to deserve this?

I wish I did not even exist.


Now my life is being abused carelessly.

If I didn't chew on your shoe, would you then love me.

If I would have listened to you when you told me not to jump on the couch,

maybe you wouldn't be such a grouch.


Why is it me that you hate,

Is it because I took the food off your plate?

I'm always cold outside, hoping it doesn't storm.

While your inside by the fireplace, warm.


I see other dogs walk across the street from me.

They seem to be having the time of their lives, free as can be.


But for me:

I am abused.

I am starved.

I am beaten.

I am cold.

I am dying.


And you don't care.

I think this is so unfair.

How could anybody be so unaware?


All I ever wanted was to be your friend,

I don't think we can make amends.

All you did was pretend,

but that won't matter in the end.


Growing smaller and smaller as my body bled.

Are you happy now that i'm finally dead?

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