does that make me "emo"?

do people seriously think that only emo kids listen to screamo and post hardcore?a better question, what is an "emo child"? is it someone who wears black? or do the have to cut too? do they listen to screamo and say "screw the world" while putting on black eyeliner? well, i personally think the whole "emo" thing is a full blown lie. its just a dumb stereotype for kids who have bad lives and they can't control their sadness sometimes. and then sometimes there is just a person who really likes the color black! ever think of that?! no. bet you didn't. everyone is sad, everyone deals with it differently. some (especially teens) deal with sadness in similar fashions but in different ways.

i dress in pink and orange and green and blue and black and puple and all the other colors you can think of. but i also listen to screamo. does that make me "emo"?


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